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Artec SHP5 Acoustic Pickups System


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Artec SHP5 EQ Soundhole Pre amp Controller & mic blender E46

with Piezo Saddle COMPLETE SYSTEM

New Artec SHP5 EQ Soundhole Pre amp Controller & mic blender E46

SHP series soundhole preamps provide a great active preamp without visible modifications.
SHP5 has great functions including a powerful mic-blender system in the guitar sound hole.
It has a tone image controller, acoustic amp simulation function and bass range booster.
SHP series adopt reliable and strong three adhesion brackets installation system.

Common Features:  Input: Piezo pickup- Panel,

Dlmension:  w:77mm x h:22mm,  Depth: SHP5: 55mm, SHP3:47mm, SHP2: 31mm

– Volume control slider
– Active Bass Booster switch
– Acoustic Amp Simulator switch
– Phase ‘anti feedback’ switch
– Battery check switch
– Mic blender slider
– Mic gain adjust pot

Package include:
– Sound hole Preamp with mic blender
– Hex wrench – End pin Jack with cable, 3 screws
– Cable Clip – Battery bag, Snap Velcro
– Piezo Pickup (complete kit only)

Comes in shop blister packaging


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