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Mooer Blade Distortion/Boost Pedal Heavy Metal Distortion

This is one the heaviest entries in the new compact line of effects.

Tons of power in a tiny enclosure. Two sepearte Boost options (or Boost off) to create many different pounding tonal responses.

Get the most out of your pedal board with the Mooer High Quality Miniature Series Effects Pedals!

These miniature series pedals with dimensions designed at only at 3.68″ (93.5mm) Deep × 1.65″ (42mm) Wide × 2.05 (52mm) High, are quickly gaining a foothold in the industry. You can use this new lineup to expand your current pedalboard with a lot of tonal options with very little real estate… or have a second board loaded with these incredible little micro units! Photo This is one of the flagship units from Mooers line of Compact Micro effects that really pack a punch. When I say compact, I mean it and these are very small enclosures that can absolutely fit anywhere. Simply great for pedal boards and leaves plenty of room to expand your sonic landscape. Many more offerings coming from Mooer in this compact line so stay tuned !! Features: 3 Working Modes: Lo Boost/Boost Off/Hi Boost Lo Boost: Boost a narrow band of high frequencies a little bit. Boost Off: No boost is engaged. Hi Boost: A higher amount of boost is engaged

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