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CALINE CP-20 CRAZY CACTI Fulldrive 2 Clone


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Fulldrive 2 Clone


The “Crazy Cacti” is a powerful well built unit inspired by FT 2’s very popular lineup, this unit is really dynamic  pedal and extremely  silent as the  original, very versatile and powerful at the same time. Capable  of providing a direct punch and sturdy response while still retaining excellent tonal character.

The Crazy Cacti is a Fulldrive 2 Clone  that nails the original’s tone in a smaller more affordable package


Mini-Toggle #1:

  • Vintage: for old-style Fd2 mid-heavy tones that cut through the mix.
  • FM: stands for “flat-mids” offering a more natural sound but enhanced for even more transparency.
  • It sounds great on a Strat’s Neck Pickup… truly spectacular!
  • CompCut: removes the compression from the feedback loop allowing for Monster Clean Boost tones and some rougher OD sounds with the OD and Boost knobs turned up.
  • The boost can only be activated with the overdrive pedal on.



Mini-Toggle #2:

  • MOSFET Clipping


  • Normal Clipping:an even more asymmetrical, sweeter, more transparent, no “MUFFLE” over the sound



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