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Caline CP-26 Snake Bite Reverb


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Caline CP-26 Snake Bite Reverb

Guitar Effects Pedal

CALINE CP-26 N Snake Bite Reverb New Arrival

My own comment.
(This is the new CP-26 reverb/delay from Caline it has almost 6 seconds  of rev and a hint of delay.I have freed my Strymon Big Sky with 2 of these CP-26 Left and Right for my revs and given my Strymon Big Sky 1st place on my pedal board to do all the wonderful and many things that the Big Sky can do while still maintaining superb reverb from the CP-26.
It simply sounds amazing, so much that it has inspired me to make a video on it as I will be posting soon.Finally a product that has inspired me. ) Chuck
RES( resonant)—to simulate resonant response in different environment of acoustics.
CFR(center frequncy)—to adjust center frequency of formant.
LPF(low pass filter)—to adjust the radio-frequency component of reverb.
PRD(pre-delay)—to simulate the delay of space reflation
MIX  ratio of wet-and-dry
DECAY -to adjust the delay time.

Product weight:228g
Package weight: 326g
Package size: 45*24.5*33.2cm



powerful well built unit, that has been getting some attention.
has adopted the most classical BBD chips
Simple and direct with Volume Level Pre and Distortion, TRUE BYPASS design
Small and exquisite appearance, convenient to carry
True bypass this effect pedal, which gives you variety of your dream sounds
Easy to operate, suitable for electric guitar
Color: White
Dimension: 11.4×6.5×5.3cm (L*W*H)




Case Material: Aluminium Alloy
Power:  DC 9V adapter
Color: White

Product weight: 274g

Package weight: 328g

Product size: 11.5 * 6.5 * 5.5cm

Package size: 12.5 * 11.6 * 7.2cm


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