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Future Chorus JOYO IRONMAN JF-316

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JOYO Future Chorus CHORUS

IRON MAN Mini Series JF-316 Effectors Tonal Response


  • Overview: JOYO pedals do it again. In the last years Joyo has made a number of nice quality and lowcost guitar effects pedals that are geared towards the budget-minded musician. The company is committed to providing outstanding tone and every JOYO effects unit is individually tested and approved by professional musicians. Designer and Musician Terry Li demonstrated a number of their pedals, including their new line called the Ironman Series at NAMM USA Show 2014. In addition to the “Orange Juice” amplifier simulation pedal, they have a unique spin on protecting your sound settings. This prevents users from bumping and changing the knobs and from others who want to copy your tone


For many guitar players a Chorus is something that has been overdone or the settings used are either way over the top can virtually destroy what can be achieved with one. A good Chorus ( and setting) can widen your guitar sound, bring it to the front of the mix and give your clean sounds a lot more depth. The FUTURE CHORUS is a subtle analog chorus that never sounds “too much” even in the extreme settings. Every sound you dial in stays fully usable. So if you are looking for a crazy, wobbly chorus sound, keep looking, (or sure you already have one). However if you need a beautifully transparent chorus that works in many different  situations, the FUTURE CHORUS is for you.



Features Level , Depth and Rate



Future Chorus’s dimensions are: 1 1/2″ W  x 2 3/4 ” H  x 1 1/2″ D

True Bypass Construction.

  • True Bypass Construction.
  • JOYO’S “Metal Head” DISTORTION
  • IRONMAN mini series
  • Little units with a great tonal response
  • The minis are housed in a very solid metal casing with a features an ingenious housing enclosure over the knobs
  • Can protects your tone settings from accidental movement and also protects from dust, spills etc
  • The LED will show through the black plexi face when the unit is engaged
  • Features Volume, Gain + High and Low EQ settings

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