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Hot Box Pedals Canada MP/6 Analog Delay Deep Blue Clone

$89.95 $59.00

The Hot Box MP/6 features full Analog tone with an excellent quality build throughout : Full metal casing, quality knobs, heavy duty stomp switch and True Bypass, offers a great response that fits in nicely into the mix with everything from realistic slap-back to longer repeats more like a Tape Machine.


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Hot Box MP/6 Analog Delay
Based on Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay
The Hot Box MP/6 Features a svelte design and up to 450ms of delay time,
it is an analog delay that offers warm Tape Machine effect at an attainable price point.
Streamlined interface makes adjustments quick and easy while on stage
and is an ideal choice for indie, classic rock, or metal.


Level: Sets the level of delayed signal mixed with straight guitar tone, fully CCW presents only straight (un-effected) guitar signal and fully CW gives the loudest dominant delay.

Delay: Controls the delay time from 20ms (fully CCW) to 450ms (fully CW)

Repeat: Controls the repeats of the delay signal, fully CCW gives one repeat and at fully CW you get infinite feedback.
3PDT True Hard Bypass and no Buffer
These pedals are true bypass and are dead silent in the signal path.
Pure analog circuit Delay 20ms-450ms
Delay trails are full, thick,rich sounding,can be set to regenerate indefinitely.
Repeat/Level/Delay controls.
Micro Pedal Size Saves Room on your Pedal Board
Solid Built Metal Casing
Uses Standard Boss Style DC 9V Negative Tip Adapter (not included)
Dimensions: 94(W)MM x 39(L)MM x 32(H)MM
100% Analog Circuitry
True Bypass Switching
Power: 9VDC, Negative Tip (Regulated recommended)
Weight: 125g

1 Year warranty


Features at a Glance:

  1. Vintage Tonal response
  2. Time 20 to 450ms
  3. Space saving design
  4. Delay,Repeat and Level control knobs.
  5. Tough-built metal enclosure with Heavy Duty 3PDT metal stomp switch.
  6. Powered by 9V  Adapter (not included)
  7. True bypass stomp switch.
  8. Size  3 3/4 ” H x 1 3/4″ W x 1 1/2″ D
  9. Weight 11 oz



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