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JOYO Chromatic Tuner JT-55 ….


PLANES WALKER FUZZ will grant you Planeswalker’s magic to acquire your classical and modern tone freely

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JOYO Chromatic Floor Pedal Tuner


The Joyo JT-55 Pedal Tuner is a great accessory for anyone who needs a floor tuner with bypass features so that you can tune in silence when playing live. It features an accurate, large back-lit LED display screen as well as individual LED lights for accurate tuning in poorly lit environments.

Excellent bang for your buck and a solid construction means you’ll get years of reliable use, on or off stage!


A4 Frequency: 430-450Hz Tuning Item:

Chromatic, Guitar, Bass

Tuning Range: A2 – a3 Semitone flat: b,bb

Weight: 180g(Including batteries)

Dimension: 79(L)×108(w)×39(H)mm

Power: 3 x AAA Batteries (Included) or DC9V Power Supply (Not Included)

Available in Silver or Black


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