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JOYO D-SEED Digital Delay Pedal Four Types Copy/ Analog/ Modulation/ Reverse


D-SEED is a very fiexible delay pedal,with build-in TAP TEMPO function,which can be independently operated at any moment to change delay time without too many mode switching.

Moreover,D-SEED has dual channels(presets),each can separately save its own chosen delay time,as well as other relevant parameters,

so you have different delay effects to polish your music when necessary.

The maximum delay time of D-SEED is 6 seconds(under TAP TEMPO mode),and it meets the requirements of most players.

Four different tpyes of delay effects of D-SEED:

COPY: Restores your instrument’s original sounds without any polishment.

ANALOG: Provides you a warm imitate delay tones like earlier BBD delay pedals and it enables delay time to 6 seconds by aiding with digital technology. MODULATION: A delay tone with modulation,and it is characterized by broad and rich sense of space,especially when playing Clean tones.

REVERSE: A Very interesting effect and it reverses the delayed phase to create a very psychedelic feeling.

Specifications –

Maximum Current Consumption: 75mA@DC9V –

Delay Effect Modes: 4 types –

Maximum Delay Time: 5.94 seconds –

Preset Tones: 2 presets –

Input Channels: Mono –

Output Channels: Mono –

Weight: 500g –

Dimension: 102*50*105mm


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