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Joyo JP-02 Power Supply

This is the new much improved JP-O2 (Power Supply 2) from Joyo Technologies.

A very nice power supply which now adds more power outputs with extended power output ratings.

Built in a rugged steel casing and now featuring a new slim design to fit almost any exisiting pedalboard configuration and all necessary power link cables included!

The new JP-02 feature the following power options: OUTPUTS 1-7:All DC 9V power output with EACH output of 100mA.Suitable for most analog 9V effects on the market today.(negative center application) OUTPUT 8: Also DC 9V Power output but with maximum output of 500mA, which is suitable for many digital effects as well when more power is required normally for these units. OUTPUT 9: DC12 OUTPUT: The maximum output current is 100mA and is used for effects requiring 12V of power. OUTPUT 10: DC18 OUTPUT:The maximum output current is 100mA for effects that carry this rating. All outputs are fully regulated and offer Isolated short circuit protection, meaning if one output is overpowered beyond the power rating for any reason, all other outputs will not be affected. Also featuring Blue LED’s at every output. Great for dark stages!


Power Adapter AC 110v-240V (for International usage)

Input: DC 18V.

Dimensions: 6″ W x 2″ D X 1 1/2 ” H

Net weight: 14 oz Features: • 10 outputs featuring isolated short-circuit and heat protection.

• Rugged steel casing and new slim design.

• Power options for 9V,12V or 18V effects.

• Bright Blue LED’s For Pedal Board Lighting & Short Circuit warning Indicators

• Includes all necessary link power cables.


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