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Nothing like the power of Tubes!

This is the new Twin Tube II  – Modern Tube Distortion / Overdrive

Twin channel Tube monster with a powerful punch!

Mars has been a long time manufacturer, supplier, and support for other more well known brand names (that must go nameless here),

they have quietly been perfecting their own line of effects and now here they are.

Fiery tube distortion!
Gorgeous tone!

Astounding response !
Simple controls with a wide depth range.
Complete separated bypass structure controlled by mechanism!
Solid brushed stainless steel housing!
The Twin Tube is a modern distortion pedal that can inspire the enthusiasm of a player.
Offering a strong saturated distortion response,   you will be surprised at the power of this unit
the perfect marriage of tone and power that can bring out your  inspiration.
With the warmth and power of Tubes.

Utilizing Dual Separate  GAIN, TONE and VOLUME control, the Heated Tube is a little monster.
A complete separated bypass structure controlled by mechanism ensures that the signal when in bypassed mode is true and unchanged .

Overdrive/Distortion tonal response that only  tubes can provide.
M o d e r n D i s t o r t i o n / Tu b e  B o o s t e r  1 . 0
Superior performance of TUBE BOOSTER and  dual modes!
E very mode has separate knobs TONE and  VOLUME.

Mars Music Instrument introduces the newest 2012 version of the great Twin Tube  that excels for the modern guitar player.  The twin tone channels  of the Twin Tube can be broadly  used  within  various performance styles, from Overdrive up to Distortion with stronger  voicings.    As same  as others in the lineup, the Twin Tube has gone through a long process  to upgrade and provide the best tonal response possible.

The Twin is capable of providing a warm Tube  Boost by rolling off the gain knob, which warms up clean settings  of the amplifier.

Adding the gain, the Twin Tube produces excellent distortion/Overdrive tones.
Twin Tube has two selectable work  modes (Yellow and Black) and  mode 2  produces distortion  tone  with stronger  color. Both modes can offer powerful responses, but allows for  different tones  to suit any  playing  style.  The structure  that main  knobs are separated from each  other  has created the condition to setup  tones  with different modes.  They are two separate VOLUME knobs, two separate TONE knobs and  one  common GAIN knob.
Real stainless steel housing
Cuprum-Plated Knobs
One shared GAIN knob
Two separated TONE knobs for two different modes
Two separated VOLUME knobs for two different modes
Stomp switch for MODE SELECT
Stomp switch for TRUE BYPASS
LED Indicator lights for each stomp switch


Powered by 1 China  12AX7 and one Svetlana 12AX7.

(Easy off Top cap for changing Tubes if desired)

Bypass switch entirely separated with interior circuit

Bypass Type————–True Bypass (mechanical and  full separated bypass structure) Bypass Impedance————————————————————Equal to outer device Tube Type—————————————————–China 12AX7×1, Svetlana 12AX7×1
Current Draw———————————————————————- 420mA (at 24V DC) Power Supply——————————–24V DC/1000mA  Real Sound DC Power Adaptor Dimensions (Main Body)———-156mm×73mm×180mm     6.1”×2.9”×7.1”(W×H×D) (Overall)————156mm×77mm×190.4mm      6.1”×3.0”×7.5”(W×H×D)
Weight—————————————————— 0.96 kg  2.1 lbs. (without DC adaptor) Accessories: Including an adaptor meeting local standard of safety.



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