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JOYO JA-01 Mini Guitar Amp
Comes with headphones,battery,ready to play.Various knobs and settings on the guitar amplifier affect the outputted sound, you can tailor the amplifier settings in a way that expresses your musical voice. This one is actually pretty simple,loud enough for coffee houses, tiny venues,or practice in privacy  before a show.Features:
1.Pocket design, convenient to carry
2.Plug the CD or MP3 player in and play along
3.Easy to use, catch your inspiration anytime
4.Power indicator
5.Clean and distortion settings
6.Powered by 6F22 9V battery(included)Specifications:
1.Power output: 2W
2.Voltage: 9V Can be powered by BOSS adapter center minus
3.MP3 input jack: 3.5mm
4.Earphone input jack: 3.5mm
5.Effect: clean, distortion
6.Includes Battery
7.Color: black
8 Material: ABS
9 Amplifier size: 6 * 4.3 * 15cm / 2.4 * 1.7 * 5.9in
10 Amplifier weight: 89g / 3.1oz

Package includes:
1 x JOYO JA-01 Mini Guitar Amplifier Amp
1 x 6F22 9V battery
1 x Earphone


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