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The Moen GEC438 features a full 8 Loop combination capability. Built gig tough, True Bypass throughout and priced within reach of most players.

The Moen GEC438 is great at the heart of any effects setup.

The GEC438 offers Ultra fast reliable switching for fast tonal changes and combinations. This product is for those who enjoy the incredible tonal versatility of individual pedals, but also know how a long pedal chain can become a tone thief.

The GEC438 is the ideal solution! The unit offers relay controlled true bypass for each of it’s four loops and a dedicated tuner output.

The MOEN GEC438 offers both buffered and UN-buffered  inputs allowing you, the user to make the choice (all the individual loops remain true bypass). Very cool. But we’ve just scratched the surface…

The GEC 438 is also programmable offering any 3 of the 4 loops active at a time which can be stored in 1 of the 8 presets which are organized in 2 banks of 4. The icing on the cake, is allowing the loops to be programmed in any order.

Features: 1. Recall 8 presets instantly. 2. Switching “POP” cancellation technology, eliminates “POP” sound when switch effects. 3. Instant MUTE design. The MUTE is also a “Switch to TUNER” switch. 4. Buffered input/ Non- Bufferred input option. 5. Programmable discretionary connection order, e.g. “FX1->FX2->FX3” or “FX2->FX3->FX1”. 6. Standard negative center DC9V power supply. 7. Wide switch distance avoid misstep-ping, 70mm/2.76inch switch distance (center to center). 8. Ultra Compact Enclosure Size: 360(L)x90(W)x30(H)mm / 14.2(L)x3.54(W)x1.18(H)inch.

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