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MOEN GEC8 LIVE  with MIDI Pedal Switcher Guitar Effect Routing System Looper Pedal Switcher ****

At the very beginning Moen promoted completely handmade guitar effects under the CFX label, which received high praise from guitarists lucky enough to snag one.

CFX also made “special request” designs and catered to some pretty well known guitar names. Ultimately, pedals made by hand could not satisfy the fast growing demand, therefore from early 2005 CFX joined with MOEN and built a new production line.

The pedals produced in this line came from the original CFX circuit design, maintaining the outstanding tone, and keeping the distinct enclosure and surface.

Since then MOEN has become a leading International producer of guitar effect pedals and the buzz on these is growing. The Moen GEC8 LIVE with MIDI offers unprecedented control over your guitar effect system. Giving you the type of control usually only available in expensive Multi effect units and more.This unit is a no-brainer, simple in operation, a great solution to a common routing problem. The GEC8 LIVE with MIDI guitar effects Commander doesn’t add any noticeable coloration to your tone, it features full bypass, so you can kick everything out of your tone chain whenever you want to get back to your core sound. Perfect if you are looking for more control but don’t want to give up your prized pedal collection.

MOEN GEC8 LIVE with MIDI allows your effects routing desires to come true.

MOEN GEC8 Live (midi enhanced edition)

Commander Effect Looper System

With booster switch especially designed for strymon products

foot-switch can be programmed as “boost” +1db, +2db, +3db

*** Features •

1. Tiny footprint :460(L) x 96(W) x 68(H) mm
2. Instant recall, no delay at all.
3. Relay Truebypass design.
4. Individual Tuner/Mute switch
5. “POP” cancellation circuit, elimintes “POP” sound when switch effects.
6. 48 major presets plus 48 shadow presets programmed into external TRANS-1 footswitch, 8(8) presets per bank, 6 banks.
7. Programmable A/B/Y (Stereo) outputs.
8. Each preset sends editable midi program change number (0~127, off) on two midi channels (1, 2).
9. Powerful ext. TRANS-1 which can be programmed as loop(s) on/off controller / amp switching footswitch / tap tempo footswitch (strymon/eventide/line6/..)
10. Total 8 loops, 5 series loops and 3 separate loop, loop5 is stereo loop.
12. 2 dedicated footswitch, latch type in major presets, FS1 could be programmed as momentary footswitch controlled by ext. TRANS-1.
13. Intuitive Programming/Rehearsal mode.


| More Tutorials are coming up soon … |

The booster switch is especially designed to work perfectly with  strymon products

the ext. footswitch can be programmed as “boost” +1db, +2db, +3db




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