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MOEN MO-VM Violent Metal Distortion


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MOEN MO-VM ‘Violent Metal’ Analog Heavy Metal Pedal


The MOEN MO-VM Violent Metal is superb for Heavy metal guitar. Designed with a dual-gain V type circuit to produce very heavy distortion. Its high quality circuit design enables high levels of gain and distortion without creating noise and feedback as with rival pedals of the same type.
Special tool-free battery cover design.


  1. Low
    Low Frequency Equaliser Knob
  2. Mid
    MID Frequency Equaliser Knob
  3. High
    High Frequency Equaliser Knob
  4. Level
    Output Level Knob
  5. Freq
    MID Frequency Deviating Equalizer Knob.
  6. Dist
    Distortion Gain Knob.



  • Special designed “V” type EQ circuit
    produces insane sound.
  • HIGH/MID/LOWwith MID deviating Eqing
    creates all kinds of metal tones.
  • Build-in Cabinet simulator provide boost option
    it’s also perfect for live.
  • Electrical stomp switch.


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