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MOSKY TM Overdrive TIMMY OD Style Guitar

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The Mosky TM Overdrive mini pedal is a power plant of pure tone. It models its circuit upon the likes of the famous Timmy Overdrive.
This is the perfect overdrive guitar effect pedal for your performance.
Great tone starts here!

•       Single Knob Controls
•     Heavy Duty Footswitch
•     Three Internal Trim Knobs (bass,treble,Vol)
•     Input Impedance: 1M ohm
•     Output Impedance: 1k ohm
•     Dimensions (W/D/H): 92mm X 38mm X 36mm
•     Weight: 128g
•     True Bypass Switching
•     Power Consumption: 9VDC adapter only no battery compartment

Full metal shell, small size and big sound.
Single knob control to adjust the degree of overdrive effect.
The internal DIP circuit designed for transforming the overdrive frequencies.
The overdrive effect is mellow, mild, smooth, dynamic and exquisite.
The light flashing when working.
True bypass in order to protect signal integrity when the pedal is not engaged.
Foot-switch toggle controlling on/off condition.

Material: Zinc-Aluminium Alloy
Color: Blue
Model: 7M
Input Impedance: 1M ohm
Output Impedance: 1K ohm
Working Current: 20mA
Power Supply: 9V DC Charger (Not included)
Item Size: 9.2 * 3.8 * 3.6cm / 3.6 * 1.5 * 1.4in
Item Weight: 124g / 4.4oz
Package Size: 11 * 6 * 6cm / 4.3 * 2.4 * 2.4in
Package Weight: 156g / 5.5oz


MOSKY Effect Pedals are a great option for those seeking boutique pedal sounds, in a small, beautiful, economical package.

  • True Analog Circuit
  • True Bypass
  • Mico Pedal Size Saves Room on your Pedal Board
  • Solid Built Metal Casing
  • Uses Standard Boss Style DC 9V Adapter
  • 17mA Current Draw


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