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Movall MM-07 PlexiTroll Distortion Pedal

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Movall MM-07 PlexiTroll Distortion

(Also known as Tone City Golden Plexi)

The PLEXI TROLL is an extraordinary high gain distortion pedal. Even though the Plexi is well known for many classic-rock sounds, the sound people most want from this iconic amplifier is the one that players got when they modified it. This is what Movall have put into this tiny green box, a modded Plexi with a balls-to-the-wall sound that will explode on any stage!
Transform your Fender (or any clean channel) into a British sounding beast with all the best types of overdrive you could ask for. If you’re a fan of the Carl Martin Plexi Tone you’re going to love this pedal.

Small and Portable:
All MOVALL pedals are built into a micro pedal format which not only helps keep your pedal-board’s size down but it also keeps your wallet full thanks to their amazingly low price. But don’t worry you don’t lose any quality when going down to this small size. All of the controls are all still high quality components and they all have true bypass switching to make sure your signal stays as clean as possible

Guide to Controls:
Level: Adjusts the Output Level of the Unit
Tone: Adjusts the high frequency response
Fury: Adjusts the Gain

True Bypass
All Zinc outer casing
Input Impedance: 500k
Output Impedance: 10k
Current: 15mA
LED illuminated Dial – Indicates When The Pedal Is On
Measures:93mm x 38mm x 32mm
Uses a standard Boss style 9V DC Adapter- Not supplied
Solid Zinc casing, and stomp switch.
Designed by J.Wong

Package Includes:
1x MM-07 PlexiTroll Distortion/Overdrive
1x Warranty Card (2 years)
Includes velcro to attach to your pedal-board!



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