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 Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal

Spark your tone with the Mooer Audio Spark Distortion!

If you are after that modern, high-gain tone then the Spark Distortion from Mooer Audio is perfect!

With a natural warmth that is hard to come by in a distortion pedal, the Spark Distortion avoids the nasally, harsh tones of other distortion pedals.

Designed to push your rig to the edge, the Spark Distortion is the latest innovation from Mooer Audio. 

Each pedal in the line is color coded so when you engage the unit, the entire face lights up.

Enclosed in an innovative housing, the Spark series from Mooer uses the entire front of the pedal as the on/off indicator. 

With a Normal or Boost mode and Level and Tone controls, the Spark Distortion gives you complete versatility in shaping your sound just the way you want it.

The Spark series from Mooer also moves the controls to the back of the unit so you can’t accidentally move a setting when you step on the pedal. 

Like all Mooer pedals, the Spark Distortion is a true bypass unit enclosed in a heavy duty housing designed for the rigors of the road.

Requires 9V A/C adapter

Input – ¼” jack
Output – ¼” jack
Power – AC adapter 9V (center negative plug)
Dimension – 62mm(D)x60mm(W)x53mm (H)
Weight – 262g
Velcro included



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