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Tone City Angel Wing Chorus + Sweet Cream Overdrive (Sweet Honey)

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Tone City Audio 2 Pedal SPECIAL Your Choice  ( Ships Free )

NOTE* (The listing is for 2 pedals in this combination HOWEVER if you wish to replace the models with others and there are 12 models to choose from please let me know and I will alter the combination of models for you so you are not limited to what I have picked.)

Tone City – Angel Wing Chorus Pedal T3 and  Sweet Cream Overdrive

(Sweet Honey Style T11. Combo


Tone City Angel Wing Chorus Pedal TC-T3

The Tone City Angel Wing Chorus pedal features a smooth and musical chorus tone perfect for creating the tones found in some of the most famous recordings.


Tone City – Sweet Cream Overdrive TC-T11

The Tone City Sweet Cream Overdrive is based on the gorgeous tones of the Mad Professor Honey Overdrive Pedal.  It has three simple controls

These small pedals are built like a brick and have tone for days

Tone City Audio is making fantastic pedals for the price and sound amazing.

All Tone City pedals are True Bypass and require a regular 9v Power Supply for operation as they do not have a battery compartment.


The 12 models are:
TC-T1 Wild Fire Distortion
TC-T2 Dry Martini Overdrive
TC-T3 Sweet Cream Overdrive
TC-T4 Tape Machine Delay
TC-T5 Mandragora Overdrive Kalamazoo Style
TC-T6 Kaffir Lime Overdrive
TC-T7 Golden Plexi Distortion
TC-T8 Black Tea VOX Tone
TC-T9 Bad Horse KLON Clone
TC-T10 Fuzz Fuxx
TC-T11 Angel Wing Chorus
TC-T12 Summer Orange Phaser Maxon 909 Style
Tone City Sweet Cream Overdrive Pedal ReviewThe Tone City series of pedals have been nothing but spectacular.  When I first received them to test, the Sweet Cream was the first one I plugged in based on sheer random box order as they arrived.  Little did I know the Sweet Cream would set the tone for the entire Tone City pedal experience.  There’s a few things to note about the Sweet Cream that separates it from other pedals in their range as well as on the market.

The first notable point about this pedal is that it works exceptionally well on it’s own as a transparent overdrive, or you can run other pedals into it like the Bad Horse or Mandragora for great stacked tones.

Another thing to point out about the Tone City Sweet Cream is there’s no conventional tone control on the unit. On the top right of the pedal is a pot that is sort of like the dynamics control/overall EQ control.  The further right it is, the less the pedal will break up and the further counter-clockwise it is the more “sag” the pedal will have which will make the pedal more compressed and chuggy.  Depending on your particular type of style or what you need it for, this pedal can cover both bases.  The other two controls on the pedal are Volume which sets how loud you want the pedal to be in context to your amplifier volume and the Gain control that controls how much overdrive you want in your signal.

This is the Joyo Sweet Baby Overdrive killer! Don’t get me wrong the Joyo Sweet Baby overdrive is a great pedal which sounds fantastic, but this sounds better, it’s built better, it doesn’t rattle, it takes up less space and the external casing is a heck of a lot nicer and for a only a few dollars more it’s so much more than the Sweet Baby.  I believe Tone City are the best pedals on the market for their price hands down.

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