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Tone City Chorus + Double Engine Rectified High Energy (Wampler Style)

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Tone CityT40 and T11 Angel Wing Chorus

This listing is for 2 superb Effect PedalsĀ  ( you may pick another tone city instead of the angel wing)

( Just let us know in the paypal message order)

Tone City Double Engine Rectified High Energy Distortion (Wampler Style)T40 Hand Made True Bypass. ( Almost like having a BOOGIE in a box )

Double Engine Vintage/Modern Distortion ( Wampler Style)

Based on Wampler Triple Wreck

Completely hand made brutal attitude face-melting distortion.

Tone City Pedals are the creation of J.Wong designer,technician,creator of many pedals in China we will not mention here, many of them you probably own or heard of, mostly everyone has enjoyed his musical creations.

He is now on his own and these are his NEW creations fully hand made and with no restrictions to his genius.

Limited time special prices as introductory to Tone City Effects. MEC is a Canadian distributor of Tone City.

The 12 models are:
TC-T1 Wild Fire Distortion
TC-T2 Dry Martini Overdrive
TC-T3 Sweet Cream Overdrive
TC-T4 Tape Machine Delay
TC-T5 Mandragora Overdrive Kalamazoo Style
TC-T6 Kaffir Lime Overdrive
TC-T7 Golden Plexi Distortion
TC-T8 Black Tea VOX Tone
TC-T9 Bad Horse KLON Clone
TC-T10 Fuzz Fuxx
TC-T11 Angel Wing Chorus
TC-T12 Summer Orange Phaser Maxon 909 Style


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