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JOYO JF-12 ULTIMATE OCTAVE Boutique Guitar Effect Pedal.

Are you a discriminating Guitarist looking for Boutique Pedals at Production Prices ?

The JOYO JF-12 Boutique ULTIMATE OCTAVE Guitar Effect Pedal meets that criteria and more.

It’s more than just by accident that this pedal’s controls resemble those of the Legendary “Ultimate Octave” Pedal.

Volume, Tone, and Fuzz knobs take care of the expected functions while two foot-switches either bypass the effect, or a/b between straight fuzz or fuzz plus octave up.

There is also a tiny switch that toggles between a mid-scooped ( Mid Cut ) and a more normal, thicker mode ( Normal ).

Rugged metal case.

No tone loss with TRUE BYPASS 3PDT foot-switch.

Hand Soldered

Affordable Price,

Luxurious Sound


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